Vorto launches an eco-friendly initiative

In recent weeks, Fast Company has depicted the rise of ‘The New Capitalism’. The business-driven publication that covers innovation asserts that, for capitalism to prosper, it needs to facilitate a system that is just, sustainable and inclusive. The articles exploring the topic asking how businesses and leaders within social sectors can transform the capitalist system in to one that is fairer, so we can generate ideas that enrich the lives of mankind and the health of the planet. 
So, what relevance does this have to us at Vorto Trading? ‘Eco friendly, ethical, conscious’, are all words we see appearing more and more. In order to honour these companies at the forefront of this movement, we want to support them and therefore introducing our new eco-friendly initiative.

Our aim is to support companies who are ethical and environmentally conscious. For us and the companies we work with, aligning profit with the health of the planet is essential. 

To expand upon this motive further, in our last post, we explored why conscious capitalism is redefining growth. We proposed the question as to how we can measure economic growth in the 21st century.  This question has been echoed by Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation. Walker’s forthcoming book: ‘From Generosity to Justice’ explores the importance of opinion leaders in philanthropy to ask this specific question: ‘If there’s a continuum between generosity and justice, how do we push our work closer to the latter?’.
In the same way that our former blog acknowledged how consumers are adopting the identity of citizens, the book highlights how all people in society must acknowledge their position and privilege. It demands that capitalism is a system that empowers.
So how do we build a capitalist system that is fairer and empowers? In business, whether we are CEO’s, founders, stakeholders, suppliers, employees or customers, we are all responsible for the choices we make. Every one of us can use our choices to shape a better future. Yet, these are only meaningful if businesses action on these intentions. 
At the same time, 2019 has been a year whereby the health of the climate has been at the forefront of societal movements. It is often said that ‘we don’t need a few people doing zero-waste perfectly, but rather millions of people doing zero-waste imperfectly’. Societal changes need to be mainstream in execution. We need all businesses need to operate and function with sustainability in mind and maintain ethical practices.

In this new age of capitalism and zero-waste living, the shared goal is to be working towards building a circular economy. It is important that we align ourselves with businesses that design with regenerative processes and that we inspire people to use these companies.

Our Eco-friendly initiative seeks to fulfil and realise these goals. If you’re a company in the business of helping the earth, the climate, or any of the other issues at hand today then give us a call on 0203 307 1155.

If you would like to know more about Vorto Trading, please either visit www.vortotrading.com or email [email protected]