Technology: Key to FX Success

The technology used in the FX market has developed considerably in recent years and there are many ways consumers can reap the benefits of these advancements.

Technology is a large part of any business these days and FX is no different. It’s important that customers are at the core of the technology being implemented which is why we strive for the perfect combination between automation and a human touch. Sending large amounts of money overseas can seem daunting which is why it’s important for a business such as Vorto Trading to guide its customers through the process. In our case, customers receive a designated trader to tailor trades to their needs but can also trade from anywhere on the mobile application from their own personal account.

Vorto Trading provides its clients with access to a state of the art systematic International payments system, with technology at its core. We provide global access for our clients with both ease of use and outstanding service being key. We meet our client’s specific needs, unlocking the best solution which had been tailored to create the best outcome for every currency exchange.

Our market leading exchange technology offers a service far superior to banks, offering a time efficient service for each trade. Nearly 80% of both private and corporate clients use traditional banks for ease yet are overcharged via the spread or fees.

Save Money with the Click of a Button

The days of the trading floor are long gone. Nowadays you can make a trade with the click of a button on your mobile phone or computer. FX is accessible to everyone, from converting sports prize money won abroad to importing building supplies.

Not only is it possible to trade quickly, you may also be able to save a lot of money than going to your local bank. In the past, banks would charge up to £30 to send a payment as little as £10 abroad. However, this isn’t the case when using FX specialists who must price themselves competitively in the FX market. Excessive fees are on the way out, and it’s never been so easy to trade using technology like ours.

Large or Small Trades

Our technology allows for trades from large corporate clients to individuals with relatively modest requirements. Carrying out any sort of transactions overseas can be complex whether you’re buying or selling a property abroad or emigrating entirely. Your designated trader will assist you to find the best solution tailored to your specific FX needs, relieving you of one more headache.

Trade Anytime, anywhere… Securely

Your personal details are safe with us as our technology utilises industry standard security models and supports dual factor authentication. You can trust Vorto to smoothly carry out your trades using market-leading technology combined with our traders’ expert knowledge. Swift, simple and secure – that’s Vorto.

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