Benefits of a Foreign Exchange Specialist

Specialist Foreign Exchange companies lead the way in comparison to traditional banks and institutions on both cost and service. Here’s how you could benefit:

Sending Money Abroad

If you trade overseas and need to pay for goods and services or receive payments in foreign currencies, an FX specialist can usually save you time and money over a more general provider, such as your high-street bank or other financial institution.

Specialists often offer great exchange rates and no transaction fees due to working in a significantly more competitive market than that of your bank. Savings can be significant whether that be through business, owning property abroad or supporting loved ones living or studying abroad.

Vorto trade over 140 currencies, both major and niche, and are likely to have a solution for your FX trading needs. Our market leading online platform allows you to transact business across all currencies as soon as your account is open.

A Convenient Service

In today’s fast-paced world, buying and selling currency needs to be done quickly and efficiently. An FX specialist can take the hassle out of making regular overseas transfers by setting up an account and using our online platform to easily trade or transfer currencies – putting you in control. It is a simple and manageable process, all available from your computer screen.

The payments system at Vorto uses advanced technical capability, ensuring payments are processed efficiently. This service is useful if you need to manage making regular payments to or from abroad.

A Tailored Service

At Vorto, we believe a relationship with your designated trader is vital so we can best manage your requirements. We will assign a personal trader to look after your businesses needs and answer any questions you may have.

Your trader can offer expert guidance and aid with providing strategy options to help maximise your trading opportunities through various market leading products.

Spot trading – If you require an immediate transfer, this gives you the flexibility to book your trade today and pay within 2 days. This is ideal if your business requires simple and quick trades.

Fixed Forward – Fixes your rate today and takes delivery on a set date up to 2 years in advance. This can help protect you against market volatility, securing today’s exchange rate.

Window Forward – Gives you the flexibility to use the currency within a set period. This form of trading is beneficial to clients who wish to secure an exchange rate to meet a commitment – of which the date is flexible.

Market Orders – If your business dealings mean that you require a specific price, then you can activate this option which will place an order to execute a rate as soon as it is achievable. This is ideal for companies which don’t need to make international payments immediately but is likely to at some indeterminate point.

Using an FX specialist means you can plan your international transactions, ensuring you get the best out of the market, even in times of volatility. Your account manager can help you to prepare for every outcome as they will be able to familiarise you with the ebbs and flows of individual currencies and markets.

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