Our Clients Matter

Customer care is at the forefront of Vorto’s business model and sets Vorto apart from the competition.

Personalised Service

At Vorto, we research and understand all the best products and services available in the market before packaging them and offering them to our clients. We can facilitate any need our clients may have, and your designated trader will work with you to achieve your goal as opposed to dictating how you should work. It seems a tailored service has been lost along the way with some FX companies due to competition in the market, however Vorto are passionate about a customer-focussed approach.

Director, Bobby Ward, comments:

“Other companies are all about the profits and who’s at the top of the sales board. When we created Vorto we wanted to create a different feel. When we are speaking to our clients, it’s not just a client/trader relationship. We have a really strong working friendship with all of our clients. I speak to some of my clients on a more regular basis than some of my family members.”

Growth & Development

We make it our business to know all the latest products and services to get the best results for our clients. Our app was launched at the start of 2018, making it easier for clients to trade on the go.

We opened a designated Chinese trading desk in 2016 to facilitate transactions from China to the UK. This desk continues to develop as it’s difficult to transfer funds from China, so we offer a swap solution for any Chinese investors looking to invest in to the UK property market.

We also understand the importance of optimising our client’s level of exchange rate with Brexit negotiations looming and the political unrest that may bring. The interest rate was recently hiked to 0.75%. Usually when we see the interest rate increase we see the currency rally in value. However, this change has had the opposite effect showing little confidence in Sterling. The trading team at Vorto can guide and advise clients to make the most profitable FX decisions on a day by day basis.


We have a passion for what we do and 45 years of experience in the FX industry across the trading team. Some of our competitors focus purely on profits and who is getting the most sales across the line. We wanted to create a different feel when we launched Vorto. Our office is less sales-driven and more client-focussed which is why we guarantee to beat any exchange rates and cater for the broad spectrum of clients – from private individuals buying or selling a house overseas to premiership football clubs and FTSE 250 companies.

Vorto believes in “what goes around, comes around” which is why word-of-mouth generates a lot of our business. We offer an effective, efficient and professional service, creating new organic business through referrals rather than cold calls. We pride ourselves on having the best intentions for our clients.


If you would like to talk to us in more detail, please contact info@vortotrading.com or visit www.vortotrading.com

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