Vorto Trading: Working in partnership with BNI

Chris Bowyer, Director at Vorto Trading, discusses the benefits of business partnerships

Vorto Trading believe a successful business can benefit from working with organisations who can operate alongside us to help Vorto build on and develop our brand, scope and reach. In return, we are able to assist our business partners in achieving their goals.

Vorto Trading is a foreign exchange trading house, working with individuals and businesses who require international currency exchange transfer services.  Our market leading online platform allows our clients to access, instruct and monitor their international payments with our hassle free, quick and easy solution. We work with businesses who need to make regular international payments to suppliers, pay overseas salaries, run import and export businesses or are making overseas investments. Our state of the art systematic international payments solution allows our clients to unlock the best strategy and solution for their needs. Our offering is superior to a traditional bank, and offers a clear pricing and time-to-transaction advantage over more traditional currency transfer routes. We are a forward-thinking organisation who understand that the needs of our clients can be time aware and cost sensitive.

BNI UK is the most successful business networking and referral organisation in the UK. By facilitating business introductions, BNI are able to offer assistance for any organisation wishing to grow their network and consequently expand their own business. In a world where personal business introductions have become less frequent, BNI is a fantastic way for Vorto to work alongside other businesses we may not have had the opportunity to meet through digital representation or traditional market methods.

Our success with BNI is well defined and tangible. Using the opportunity to present our business to other business owners and directors, we have been able to expand our client base to include not only other BNI members, but also their clients in turn. BNI is a networking organisation in the true sense of the word.

Vorto Trading are enthusiastic to be part of BNI, and to work with other like-minded and progressive businesses. Networking works.

If you would like to find out more about Vorto Trading’s services or more about how to get involved with BNI, contact Vorto Trading on info@vortotrading.comor visit www.vortotrading.com.