Vorto’s Expansion into Mainland China and Hong Kong

Director Robert O’Brien takes a look at who typically is making use of Vorto’s money transfer services in the Asia region

Our core business at Vorto is international money transfer. We work with importers and exporters, ex-pat’s sending money home from abroad and individuals buying international property to name a few: any time funds need to be transferred internationally, Vorto can help.

Since exploring the Asia market in more detail a couple of years ago, Vorto have seen a tangible increase in business over recent months particularly from Chinese nationals who are based all over the world, not just in mainland China itself. Typically, our Chinese clients may be purchasing a UK property or need assistance with the money transfer required for both visa applications or to fund UK education and tuition. As Vorto are becoming known for our experience in this market so our client base has grown.

Our clients are typically intending to transfer money to the UK for education, immigration, UK business investments and investing in property; both residential and commercial. We work with a number of partners worldwide to help our clients achieve their overall investment strategy.

We are currently recruiting to expand our UK team to manage demand and now have 7 Mardarin speaking staff. To complement our UK operations, we aim to open offices in both Shanghai and Hong Kong in 2019. As Vorto grows as a business, so does our experience in Asia. We are confident 2019 will be a positive year for growth for Vorto as a business.

If you would like to know more about our international payments service, please contact us at info@vortotrading.com or visit www.vortotrading.com