Our CEO’s top 3 retreats

At Vorto we are all about self development and self empowerment so for this months article we decided to ask our CEO Bobby Love a question, “Out of all the retreats you have been on what are your top 3 and what were the biggest takeaways from each one?”.

“The first one is Dr. John Butler hypnotherapy clinical, the main takeaway from this retreat was the understanding and the power of our subconscious programmes that develop whilst we are in our early stages of life, from the ages of zero to seven we are forming our subconscious programmes and it carries on into the ages from seven to eleven but, the first eleven years are the most vital and most important, so yes, being very mindful now as a father that I create as many good, uplifting and knowledgeable experiences for my own children.”

“Dr. Joe Dispenza is the second one, I really got a greater understanding of the power and the healing benefits of meditation, I also now understand the signs behind meditation and how we can unlock superhuman capabilities that are proven by science.”

We encourage you to have a look at the inner science research fund (https://innerscienceresearch.org/), our CEO is a donor to this organization that is helping people heal without the need of medicine.

“The third one will be Wim Hof, my biggest takeaway was my capacity to be able to handle extreme circumstances like when you get into the ice bath for 15 minutes, that is an extreme sensation and our bodies are built to withstand that extremity, it stretches you capacity for stress because you’re exposing yourself to an extreme stress related environment that you can handle if you go deep enough, as soon as you start thinking, as soon as you start looking around it gets super cold and you start shivering. When you go within yourself and you go deeper into your heart space, into the deeper parts of your body and out the of the mind, your body is able to withstand it, not only withstand but enjoy it and enjoy the extremity, enjoy the stress.”