Let’s measure success by Impact over Profit

Measuring success by impact instead of profit

The corporate business world greatly influences how we live our daily lives. It has given birth to the technology sector that fundamentally changed how we live, work, shop and communicate with others. It has been the source of innovation for transport, food, education and health. On a fundamental level, corporate businesses help society by providing the distributing of services and goods which are deemed essential for our survival.

The world is also confronted with many urgent and pressing issues that span across climate change, social inequalities, disease, hunger and poverty. Often, we read about activists and protestors in the news who lobby governments to call for change to help overcome these issues. However, the corporate business world also presents itself with an opportunity to help solve and overcome some of these issues.  Corporate businesses have already set up the infrastructure and have the resources to be able to change people’s lives for the better through the delivery of products and services. So why not combine this infrastructure to help a positive change in the world?

As things stand, we simply cannot rely on governments and NGOs to promote change. Corporations have a great deal of power and can help shape governmental policies. They have the capacity to make changes. We need businesses to head up the action required to make the world a better place. 

We need to start to review how we view success and the means in which we measure it. Whilst businesses need to make money, the mentality should never be to make money at any costs. Profit can and should coexist alongside the wellbeing of people and the planet. We should seek to embrace a holistic business model whereby we measure profit alongside the impact of our community outreach and the sustainability of products and services we provide.

With the right motivation and strategy, more leaders can embrace this business model. At Vorto Trading, we have been seeking to align our mission and services with the intention of giving back. We are a monthly donor to the Inner Science Research Fund. We have also created a charity golf day to raise money for a charity called Laureus, which is an organisation that seeks to use the power of sport to transform the lives of children and young people.

As well as investing in initiatives to help the community, we also recognise the importance of investing in the personal development of our team and how this can help them to give back and grow in all aspects of their life. Every team member is working with a personal development coach to explore opportunities to give back and make the world a better place.

We believe in the power of business to be a force of doing good and improving the quality of lives for others. We invest in the personal development of our team because we believe it is a critical part of our company culture to consciously seek to give to others and to those in our community. It is our responsibility as business leaders to help design and shape initiatives that not only safeguard the wellbeing of people in our society today, but for future generations to come.