Is more business done on a golf course than in the office?

At Vorto Trading, we are invested in personal development for all members of our team. A key part of this is encouraging our employees to participate in sport and our team spend a great deal of time on the golf course.

Bobby Ward, Founder at Vorto Trading explains why investing time on the golf course helps his team to be more productive and the overall benefits that are felt throughout the business, as well as the wider community.

As we navigate the series of holes across a course, we relax and clear our minds. We are able to have meaningful conversations about work, our relationships with each other and fundamentally, strengthen the bond of the team. At the same time, exercise and movement leads to better health, which in turn has many benefits for the business. These include:

• Increased productivity

An overall increase in mood by doing sport has a direct impact on productivity levels within a business. According to a 2019 Medium thought leadership piece, the connection between productivity and physical movement has been known to humans since the start of civilization. Movement is innate to our overall sense of feeling good and happy in ourselves. The International Labour Organization in Geneva carried out research in 2012 confirming that sport and recreation generate a positive effect on raising employee morale, overall motivation and the atmosphere within the working environment.

• Greater collaboration and having a sense of belonging

One of the key benefits we have noticed in the business, is that our time spent on a golf course has a direct impact on our sense of teamwork and collaboration. We all take responsibility for navigating the course, working to a common yet competitive goal. This mirrors our positions and roles at work. At the same time, having a collective activity we all participate in makes us feel like we are a part of something bigger and gives us a sense that we belong. This sense of belonging is transferable to our sentiment to the business and how we connect with each other.

• Better communication skills

Sport is a fantastic way to improve communication skills. Our time spent playing golf provides us with an opportunity to talk with one another about our technique and practice, and communicate with one another as to how best to improve or learn from each other. Effective communication is vital for businesses to be able to successfully operate.

• Increased creativity

There have been many instances on the golf course when we have suddenly had a brain wave or a bright idea. Many people attribute sport to being an activity that helps them with problem solving and coming up with creative solutions. We take this time and use it to think about any creative solutions we can apply to our business.

• We combine sport with doing good

This year we combined this company wide passion with doing good. We launched our Inaugural 2023 Vorto Swing event that raised £18,891 for Laureus Sport for Good. The charity was founded under the Patronage of Nelson Mandela and recognises the powerful way in which sport can contribute to helping children and young adults to overcome obstacles such as discrimination and violence within their lives. At the same time, Vorto is supporting Sam Bairstow, an exciting talent with one of the best amateur careers of recent times.

We are really proud of the team at Vorto and the collective efforts we are making to strengthen our team bonds, grow the business and contribute to causes bigger than ourselves.