Currency management

FX Tools

Spot Contracts
For immediate transfers

We secure you the most competitive exchange rate
available whenever you need to make an immediate transfer.

Forward Contracts
For future currency commitments

Budget effectively and mitigate risk from market volatility,
fix an exchange rate for up to 10 years in the future and
drawdown on your booked currency any time within that period.

*only if the reason for trade falls within the payment exclusions.

Market Insight
For timing your currency exposure efficiently

By keeping you up to date with the latest market news, we can
ensure you benefit from the expert insight of your dedicated
Account Manager, thus helping your business manage its
currency exposure more efficiently.

Market Orders
For securing a desired exchange rate

Market Order - Target an exchange rate higher than the current rate and we’ll automatically execute your trade if the market reaches that level.

Stop Loss Order – Control the risk of an exchange rate suddenly falling by setting a ‘worst-case’ rate. You can wait for conditions to improve but know your exposure is protected if the market takes a sudden fall.

Hedging Strategy
For mitigating risk

We help clients identify where your biggest FX exposure
is to create a strategy that covers your downside risk

*only if the reason for trade falls within the payment exclusions.

Pricing Advice
For extra bottom-line profits

Speak to one of our team today to see what pricing
techniques we can use to increase your bottom-line profits


24/7 Access

Manage your currency and balances from anywhere at
anytime with our sophisticated online portal.

Global reach

With the relationships we have built with banks and liquidity providers in every continent, you are able to pay your suppliers, employees and business partners in nearly any currency or country.

Secure payments

Secure payments available via your online portal or by
speaking to your dedicated account manager over the phone

Customer care

Even with extensive capabilities to manage payments online,
we know sometimes you may want to speak to one of our team.

Win customers

Gain a competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction by pricing and accepting payments in the currency your clients prefer with our innovative multi-currency account offering.

Collection capabilities

We continue to build connections with providers around the world to be able to offer our clients with the most exotic currencies available.